Eveything You Need To Know About Online Dollar Day

It all started when we posted a TikTok reminising on our infamous Dollar Day sale...

The History:

Dollar Day began October 2019 as a way to bless brides with the chance at an affordable wedding gown- we coined it as our sale of the year- which quickly became seasonal!

After 11 in person Dollar Day's on record- we decided as a shop we needed to take a break. Our last in person Dollar Day in March of 2022 was met with a lot of resellers, and those looking for a "halloween costume"- not the actual brides we sought to bless.

After posting our TikTok though, the internet went wild with brides in desperate need of affordable wedding gowns from all over the country. Our hearts were stired and soon we were planning our first ever online Dollar Day sale, complete with over 100 discounted gowns. 

We were absolutley blown away by the turnout, and so were you all. Gowns sold out in seconds, leaving another round of brides still ready to find their dream dress. 

How does it work?

Our next Online Dollar Day will be December 21st at 8:00pm ET.

Starting the morning of the 21st, our website will be locked. Then at the given time, the website will unlock and gowns will be available for purchase. 

There will be a limit of one gown per customer, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Things to keep in mind:

- Wedding gown sizing is different than your "pant size". Please view our Sizing Guide for tips and tricks on finding your correct size.

- We will only have about 10 $1 gowns, and over 80 gowns marked down to $899 and under.

- You are able to sort by size or by price on our website.

- We ship to the entire US. If you are getting a message that we do not ship to your address, it is likely because the gown sold out before you go to checkout. Shipping is between $20-$25.

- We are a small business who just wants to bless our brides. This is not a "publicity stunt", nor are we trying to misguide anyone.

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